Monthly Archives: February 2015

Making Blankets with Mary’s kids

On January 30th, 2015, the PSiA team, PSA students and staffs went to Mary’s place, a homeless shelter for families in need. We didn’t expect a lot families to come and make blankets, but when we started our service work, gradually there were a lot of people that came to make their own blankets.  There were enough people that came with us to make the blankets; nine people were in the community room, while 4-5 people where in the play room. The service was a success, we did stay longer than expected but a lot of people were happy with the blankets we made. Sadly, we didn’t get to take pictures of their faces, because they were our partner(s), still they and we were really happy with the outcome! 🙂  We did have a student with us that had lived at Mary’s Place, the student did want to see Mary, but Friday is her day off, so the student left a note for her. ❤ We hope to go back there soon, and have another amazing experience at Mary’s place.