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Cats, Dogs, Birds, Why Not See All

On March 24th, 2015, PSiA members along with PSA students had gone to the Animal Humane Society. From 3:30 to 5 pm, we stayed at Prairie Seeds Academy making lots of toys for the animals at the Animal Humane Society. From 5 to 6:30 pm we were over at the Animal Humane Society.

Arriving at the Animal Humane Society, many students fell in love at first sight with the animals there. But before we can even go see the animals, we must learn a few thing about the place and the animals in their care.

We first saw the guinea pigs, or is it hamster, and bids and rabbits, or maybe it’s bunny, anyway, there there was a certain bird that caught a lot of our attention. That bird cannot stand in one place at all, moving left to right, right to left. After viewing the birds, rabbits (maybe bunny) and hamster( maybe guinea pigs) we left to go and see the dogs. We went to see them and was able to pet one of the dog. Arriving to the bigger compound for the dog, many were awed and in love with the dogs, calling their names and feeding them (legally of course. We got the permission to feed so don’t worry). Some dogs were more welcoming than others. They either ignored us, or wag their tails for us. Once we were out of the compound we meet a dog out of it cage with a Animals Humane Society staff. We petted it before going to our last destination, the cat compound. Either it was just me, M.Y, or us all, I think the cats were far more frighten by us than we are of them. We were also able to pet cats and go near them. With all the visiting done, we packed up to leave.